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In our last post, we spent some time reviewing The-Concept-Formerly-Known-As-Fulfillment, now known as Thrivelihood. Many of the existing definitions consider fulfillment to be an end-state, as if it was some point in your life you reached and then were just fulfilled from that point on.We imagine there’s a ribbon involved or something. On the other end of the spectrum, some emphasize purely experience, insisting that we structure our lives in a way that brings us joy on a day-to-day basis, that goals or achievement serve to cheapen our experience of the moment.

With all the confusion around “fulfillment” and its heavy usage in the business world, we’ve chosen to step away from this term in favor of a new one: Thrivelihood. By preserving and uniting the important, recurring themes across the various definitions of fulfillment, we’ve created the following definition of thrivelihood:

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What Even Is Fulfillment?

With all that talk about growth and purpose last week, the obvious path forward is to dive more into what purpose is and how to find it. However, it occurred to us that we accidentally violated one of our own rules by introducing what growth and purpose are without really discussing why they’re important. We mentioned that experiencing a life that resonates with us involves finding a purpose and growing toward it, and then we never went on to explain what the purpose of talking about purpose is. We’ve put the purpose-cart before the fulfillment-horse.

A fulfillment-horse pulling a cart full of purpose-rocks

As you continue to follow along with this blog, you’ll see a common theme, which is that any sort of personal growth or lifestyle improvement must always start with an underlying purpose or motivation.At least we remembered to put that purpose-horse before the growth-cart… For […]

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Growing the Present and the Future

The second core concept of the Realize Renaissance program is growth. This might seem fairly obvious to most of you; of course growth is part of life. However, there are a couple important and subtle points that need to be made that will affect how we all view and apply growth in our lives. In previous weeks, we examined not only how connection benefits us in our lives, but also why connection is a common theme in any approach to life. The same is true of growth.

We all have a limited time within which we live our lives.Unless we can cryonically preserve ourselves until a time when immortality becomes a reality. In this life of ours, all we have is our experience, which is really a combination of our thoughts and emotions. To make this experience positive, we need to interact with ourselves and the world around us in a way that creates positive thoughts and […]

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All Roads Lead to Connection

What is the meaning of life?

No, we’re not going to answer that question. But it’s important that we spend some time tiptoeing in its general vicinity. Whether we actively think about the question, we all have some working theory that answers it. In our thoughts and our actions, we create purpose for our life and answer why we’re on this planet, and why sentient life exists at all. One of the key factors of living a fulfilled life is ensuring that the purpose we’re enacting is the one we actually intended. Which is to say, to align our actions and beliefs.

If we are to align our actions and beliefs, we must first develop an understanding of both. To do this, we can ask ourselves several questions:

  • What is important to me in life? (life philosophy)
  • Are my actions in line with this belief? (accuracy/self-awareness)
  • Is this belief/meaning a defensible life strategy? Another way to put […]
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Connection is Life

“It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” ~Wise Man from the Legend of Zelda

Wise man gives Zelda a sword to accompany him on his quest.

Wisdom can come from the strangest of places. In this case, there is profound truth in a videogame, The Legend of Zelda: “It’s dangerous to go alone.”

The previous post focused on how connection can improve our lives. However, research continues to show that the effects of connection work in the opposite direction as well. Which is to say that without connection, not only will we not thrive, but we might die. Literally. This post is designed to be a very brief intro to the criticality of connection.

We’ll call this the  “Appeal to Fear”.

Have you ever felt alone, been heartbroken? When we describe how we felt during these moments, we often communicate using the language of physical pain. We […]

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A Better Life through Connection

Alternate Title:
Ask Not What Others Can Do for You, But What You Can Do for Others (and What That Subsequently Does for You)

Welcome back! We’re excited to announce the addition of a new feature: in-line footnotes! Every time you see a little number above and to the right of some text, try hovering over/clicking it for some cool, tangential content, like this: here’s a footnote.Welcome to our first footnote! Isn’t this exciting?! We think so. We’re going to go on so many fun tangents together!

If you haven’t read our first post please check it out here, as it provides some important context for what we talk about next. While each of our posts can stand alone, they are presented in a way that builds toward a more powerful whole, especially at the beginning. Today, we will start with our first core principle.

The first foundational concept of the Realize Renaissance […]

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