Intro to Purpose

As we’ve mentioned previously on this blog, purpose vs. process is not an “either/or” question, but a “both/and” scenario. If we wish to thrive, we must focus on and develop both.

That being said, most of what we’ve discussed thus far has been described through the lens of process. It’s time we shift our discussion and view things through the lens of purpose.

Purpose is a bit of a catch-all term that includes several related ideas. The first thing to understand about purpose is that it is not just an action or an outcome; it is a theme. As in a novel, our lives may have several acts or chapters all serving the same theme. If you were to write a novel, you might start by considering some sort of message you want to convey.

This message will greatly affect our lives in […]

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Realize Recap 1

So far through this blog, we’ve discussed several different topics in parallel. This was necessary, and will continue to be necessary going forward, because developing our inner self is less like going down a conveyor belt and more like building a web.

That being said, we’ve decided it’s about time we review what we’ve covered so far to help you integrate your understanding of the human experience.We’ll continue to do this periodically going forward, too. It’s helpful to take a step back once in a while and look at everything from 10,000 feet, so to speak.

In honor of that, the following post is an integration of all the ideas we’ve covered up to this point.

The Mission

The main motivation behind starting Realize Renaissance is to create positive shifts in the human experience. We will do this by filling in a major knowledge gap. This is the gap we’re talking […]

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Transcending and including Self-help

If you’re on our email list, you’ll know that we didn’t post last week because we were attending a seminar. If you’re not on our email list, well, now you know that too.Also, you should subscribe to our email list!

More specifically, we attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event in Dallas. It’s a four-day seminar “designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire.” During the four days, we found some personal motivation and energy, burned our feet on hot coals,All minor, we assure you and most importantly, achieved some clarity on what makes our mission unique and necessary.

You may not have noticed, but we have been bouncing between terms like self-help, self-improvement, and self-development when we refer to the space in which […]

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To Resiliency, and Beyond!

Earlier in our discussion about resources (here and here), we alluded to the fact that actual resources may not matter as much as perceived resources.We mean this in terms of our ability to thrive – our ability to realize the impacts or aims we desire, and enjoy doing it. It’s easy to imagine someone who “has it all” and yet it is never enough. This “never-enoughness” will be the source of anxiety and stress. Similarly, you might know someone with not much of note, who feels as though they have much to offer and feels secure and resilient in their position. One might dare to say that the level of actual resources is almost meaningless – it’s all in the mind.

“Well,” you might ask, “if all that matters is perception of resources, and not

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The Power of Internal Resources

When we hear about “resources” most of us probably think of things like money, cars, houses, or other material goods. And these things do count, for sure. However, as we discussed in the previous post, these are what we call “external resources”, and there’s a whole other class of resources we need to consider called “internal resources”.

What we suggest in this post is that internal resources are vastly more important in our development, and must be the focus of attention in any personal growth efforts if we are to thrive.

Internal resources are traits or beliefs that increase our capacity to withstand or combat potential stressors. Included in this category are things like self-esteem, confidence, optimism, and energy. There are certainly more internal resources than that, but that short list is sufficient to help us understand what we’re dealing with here.

While each individual internal resource may affect […]

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Conservation of Resources Theory

By now, many of you are probably wondering when we’re going to get to something practical. You may have noticed that the “exercises” we’ve included in some of our posts are more like vague thought experiments. This was intentional. The reason we’ve held off on providing more detailed instructions on growth and connection is we want to be sure everyone is prepared to embark on the process of fulfillment effectively.

In the Growth post, we used a map analogy to discuss the concept of directed growth.Through this program, we will be exploring every aspect of that analogy: the destination, the journey, and the current position. Embedded in this metaphor is the need to accurately understand the self and the world. However, this sort of understanding is not as simple as asking yourself a couple questions, because answering these questions can be quite challenging, and often uncomfortable. Honest self-awareness […]

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