Our Mission

The Realize Renaissance movement is about bringing the science of well-being to the forefront of society. When it comes to our well-being, what’s within us matters much more than what’s around us. By studying the positive outliers among us, the people who truly excel in all manners of well-being, researchers have begun to reveal what it takes to develop thrivelihood. Our mission is to extend the reach and benefits of these principles beyond academic circles where it can realize the renaissance it’s capable of producing. To do this, we will:

  1. Spread this important knowledge as far and as wide as possible.
  2. Create practical approaches that allow anyone and everyone to enhance their well-being.

Our vision is of a human community where well-being is understood as something we can learn, practice, and eventually, master. The Realize Renaissance movement is about making that vision a reality.

Our Team

Kevin Rathbun
Kevin RathbunFulfillment Engineer
Since majoring in civil engineering at Northeastern, Kevin has been slowly transitioning to his true passion: psychology. While working on water systems in developing areas abroad, his interests quickly turned to the psychology of ownership and the human factors affecting the success of rural water systems; a pattern that persists throughout his endeavors.
Jon Christoff
Jon ChristoffFulfillment Engineer
Jon has long held the concept of growth (reaching for one’s potential) as one of the most important aspects of meaning and satisfaction in life. It has been his life’s goal to empower himself and others with the most effective principles for progress and performance.

For the last five years, he has been coaching people from all walks of life for improved mindsets, nutrition, physical health, and sports performance. These experiences have reinforced his belief that our mindset is most often our greatest obstacle to success, and therefore our greatest opportunity for improvement, regardless of our goals. Training mindset has long been a focus of his own life, and he wants to bring the joy and benefits of that training to others’ lives.