For the third week of Hope Month, we’re going to use the GAP model to assist another person in the development of hope. As a reminder GAP stands for

  1. Goals
  2. Agency
  3. Pathways


This project combines the concept of Hope with the benefits of Gifted Kindness to create a powerful, meaningful experience.

The Gifted Hope Project


The concept of the project is quite simple:

  1. First, identify the person you’d like to work with
  2. Next,work with them to identify a Goal they’ve had but have not been pursuing
  3. Then, identify Pathways to realizing this goal
  4. Finally, identify the strengths and resources the both of you can apply to help make this goal a reality (Agency)

There’s strength in numbers, and being there to support someone in a goal can sometimes make all the difference.

As a quick caveat, always make sure your assistance is welcome and desired. Goals need to be coherent with our values, so try your best not to force a goal upon someone if they don’t want it.

And as always, remember to Create an Account so you can share your progress, lessons, and experiences with the community!