This week, we’re going to give you all your wellness workouts at the beginning of the week, so you can plan ahead and do them as you have time. We have 4 “discrete” exercises you can take time to do on their own, and one “on-going” exercise — our theme for the week.

The theme is Active Constructive Responding. Opportunities to use ACR come up constantly, so look for them throughout your days this week. Spotting the opportunities is a skill in itself!

In addition to the ongoing ACR challenge, take time this week to do the following (each exercise is linked to a reference video, should you want more information):

  1. A mindfulness body scan session
  2. A gifted kindness
  3. A strengths focus day
  4. A what-went-well matrix:
    1. Two where someone else did something for you
    2. Two where you did something for yourself
    3. One silver lining

And as always, remember to Create an Account so you can share your progress, lessons, and experiences with the community!