Developing a growth mindset can be tricky at first, so it helps to prepare some Growth Mindset Phrases in advance. Here are two common scenarios you’ll want to prepare for:

  1. Congratulating someone
  2. Delaying inability

When you receive good news, we often default to phrases like “That’s  awesome!” or “Congratulations!”. If we want to be champions for the growth mindset cause, it’s important to remember to commend effort in situations like these. Think of a few ways you can expand on these congratulatory statements to commend the effort that went into them.

As for delaying inability, this is for those times when we feel like we “can’t” do something. “Can’t” is temporary, so we have to remember to temper it with something like a “yet”, or a “for now”. Try to brainstorm a phrase or two you can apply in your “can’t” moments, and how you can remind yourself to use a growth mindset in the moment.

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