Wellness Workouts – Week of June 25 (What-Went-Well Project)

This week, we’re going to do one week-long exercise: the What-Went-Well Project.

Get yourself a container (bowl, vase, etc.), and add some what-went-wells to it each day throughout the week. Try to develop a routine, doing them every night, or several times throughout the day — whatever works for you.

Then, at the end of the week, sit down and review them all! This savoring session will remind you of all the positive events in your week!

For added enjoyment and effectiveness, bring some others into your Wellness Project! Have them contribute to your collection and participate in the savoring session with you!

And as always, remember to Create an Account so you can share your progress, lessons, and experiences with the community!

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Wellness Workouts – Week of June 18 (ACR Focus)

This week, we’re going to give you all your wellness workouts at the beginning of the week, so you can plan ahead and do them as you have time. We have 4 “discrete” exercises you can take time to do on their own, and one “on-going” exercise — our theme for the week.

The theme is Active Constructive Responding. Opportunities to use ACR come up constantly, so look for them throughout your days this week. Spotting the opportunities is a skill in itself!

In addition to the ongoing ACR challenge, take time this week to do the following (each exercise is linked to a reference video, should you want more information):

  1. A mindfulness body scan session
  2. A gifted kindness
  3. A strengths focus day
  4. A what-went-well matrix:
    1. Two where someone else did something for you
    2. Two where you […]
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Strengths Scavenger Hunt (Weekend Edition)

The Strengths Scavenger Hunt is about learning to spot character strengths in ourselves and others. Applying our character strengths does wonders for our well-being. But before we can use them, we need to get better at recognizing them. You can see the full list of strengths here: Character Strengths List.

For this exercise, we’re going to give you the whole weekend to find them all. Use our Strengths Worksheet to keep track of the strengths as you find them!

And be sure to Create an Account so you can share your findings with the community! And we’d love it if you shared your progress with us on Instagram: @RealizeRenaissance

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Gifted Kindness

Gifted Kindness is a great way to boost well being (perhaps even better than receiving kindness). For today’s exercise, plan a kindness gift of your own and make a positive contribution to the life of someone else.

There are many ways to gift kindness, and no end to how creative you can be with it. So remember to Create an Account so you can share your Gifted Kindness ideas and experiences with the community!

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Growth Mindset Phrases

Developing a growth mindset can be tricky at first, so it helps to prepare some Growth Mindset Phrases in advance. Here are two common scenarios you’ll want to prepare for:

  1. Congratulating someone
  2. Delaying inability

When you receive good news, we often default to phrases like “That’s  awesome!” or “Congratulations!”. If we want to be champions for the growth mindset cause, it’s important to remember to commend effort in situations like these. Think of a few ways you can expand on these congratulatory statements to commend the effort that went into them.

As for delaying inability, this is for those times when we feel like we “can’t” do something. “Can’t” is temporary, so we have to remember to temper it with something like a “yet”, or a “for now”. Try to brainstorm a phrase or two you can apply in your “can’t” moments, and how you can remind yourself to use a growth mindset in the moment.

Be sure to […]

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