What Is Positive Psychology?

One of our main goals is to clear up the confusion surrounding our psychology, and the “self-help” field as a whole. Perhaps the concept in most need of some explaining is positivity/positive psychology.

The positive psychology movement is often misrepresented by pop-psychology books, listicles, and speakers alike. Because of this, they’re probably about as misunderstood as quantum mechanics these days.

Picture of the classic "schrodinger's cat" in a box scenario, except rather than poison, the cat may be dosed with serotonin Schrodinger’s Cat’s Well-being

So let’s talk about what positive psychology is, what it isn’t, and what it implies for you and your life.

Traditional Psychology – A History

First, let’s preface this section by saying we’re going to massively oversimplify things here for the sake of brevity. That being said, let’s talk about psychology.

Traditionally, psychology is the study of mental disorders and […]

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Purpose Themes

Today’s exercise is an exploration of personal values by looking at your purpose themes. Think back to when you were a child — what did you want to be when you grew up? Did that dream change over time? If so, to what did your focus shift?

Make a list of all these aspirations you’ve had over the course of your life. When you have this list, examine it and ask yourself: “What do all these dreams have in common?”

We can learn a lot about what we value and care about by finding the common ground beneath our aspirations. Maybe we value discovery/learning, or aid/helping.

More importantly, now that you have some insight into your values, what will you do with this information? How will it inform or guide your actions going forward?

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