Growth Mindsets Language

Today, we’re going to focus on Growth Mindsets by examining our language. Over the course of the day, pay attention to the words you use and the speech of those around you.

Try to notice what these words are saying about the future. Are they open to the possibility of change? Or are they expressing a fixed mindset, implying no opportunity for learning and growth?

As a tip, look for words like “can’t” or “never” as indicators of fixed-mindset language. Similarly, words like “haven’t” or “yet” are often used to imply that we will do something in the future, even if we can’t do it now.

See how many instances of fixed-mindset language you can pick out today — from your own words or the words of those around you — and let us know how you would alter them to make them a little more growth-oriented. Were you able to catch any in-the-moment and correct yourself?

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