What Is Mindfulness?

If you’ve ever encountered the self-help field before, you’ve no doubt heard something about mindfulness meditation. It’s becoming quite the buzzword these days, and companies and mobile apps worldwide are eager to get on the mindfulness bandwagon.

So what’s the deal with mindfulness? What is it? What are the benefits of a mindfulness regimen? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at why mindfulness is receiving so much attention.


When you think about mindfulness meditation, one of a few images probably comes to mind. To borrow a few archetypes from Chris Goto-Jones’ Coursera course, “Demystifying Mindfulness”, you might imagine:

The Monk, centered and internally-oriented

Cartoon image of meditator

Or, perhaps The Warrior, focused and ready to act

Adorable cartoon ninja

Or maybe The Zombie, cold, […]

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Active Constructive Responding

Today’s exercise is a day-long focus on Active Constructive Responding (ACR). Whenever someone shares some news with you today, rather than the typical Passive Constructive Response that most of us use by default — “That’s awesome!”, or “Cool, good for you!” — we’re going to respond a little more actively.

Savoring is about us reliving a past positive event in detail, and extending its positivity into our present moment. ACR can be thought of as asking the right questions to get someone else to savor their own positive event.

So go the extra mile today, and ask those detailed questions, and be the cause of some extra positive emotions for the people in your life.

Check out the video for more details! Be sure to comment on the video and let us know how ACR impacts your life today!

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