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Our Approach

We’re not the first ones to promise you well-being — we know. In fact, we’ve spent years studying wellness programs from positive psychology and self-help alike. During that time, we found that our users had two wishes:

  • Variety

Who wants to do the same thing every day? Plus, there’s a lot more to our wellness than simply mindfulness or positive emotions. We’re more complex than that.

That’s why our daily and weekly exercises cover every major aspect of your well-being. We’re constantly innovating our approach to keep you learning and growing.

  • Community

Growth works better together. When we’re immersed in a community that shares and supports our goals, we’re more likely to follow through with them. We can learn from each other, keep each other on track, and give each other helpful feedback. And perhaps most importantly, we have someone to celebrate our success with!

The Blog

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Talking about positive emotions can be tricky. On the one hand, they’re obviously an enjoyable part of life, and so we want more of them. On the other hand, intentionally using the science of positive [...]

What Is Positive Psychology?

One of our main goals is to clear up the confusion surrounding our psychology, and the “self-help” field as a whole. Perhaps the concept in most need of some explaining is positivity/positive psychology. The positive [...]

What Is Mindfulness?

If you’ve ever encountered the self-help field before, you’ve no doubt heard something about mindfulness meditation. It’s becoming quite the buzzword these days, and companies and mobile apps worldwide are eager to get on the [...]

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